have over 20 years of executive leadership experience helping organizations build culture and deliver value. Here’s what I’ve learned – the most powerful tools that help leaders connect with their teams, adapt to changing trends, and empower their organizations are the tools that are already wired into our brains: empathy, compassion, and curiosity. Those tools already exist within each one of us – I just help us tap into them and unleash their power! That sounds simple, right? While we have the tools inside of us, the problem is that they are so often covered up by stress, outdated models, and deeply engrained ROI models that work to limit our own success. It’s time to unleash you super powers!

The most significant person in my life was my mother. She was a single mother who worked 2 jobs most of my life while raising 4 kids. As the oldest, I had to grow up fast. Life was hard, but my mom always found a way! Her influence on my life taught me two things: 1. There is a solution to every problem we face. 2. Lead with strength but lead as a servant. It’s these two values that have been the compass of my life journey. As a teen I organized county wide food distribution programs in our rural Appalachian hometown. Taking time off of college I lived and worked with orphan children in Russia. Later, I founded two non-profits that provided solutions and care for vulnerable populations; worked with community organizers to ensure economic possibilities for the under-resourced; infused my learning with the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; co-founded two businesses; raised millions of dollars for charitable causes; mentored team members to become community leaders; and delivered hundreds of key note speeches.

I’m driven to work for the common good – to help organizations and leaders empower change to ignite flourishing for their teams and the communities. In working with hundreds of leaders I’ve found a few central traits that mark every great leader I know: Compassion, Empathy, High Emotional IQ, and a Passion for doing good.

I’m a graduate of Campbell University, hold a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies, a Doctorate from Duke University, and was a McLauchlan Leadership Fellow in the NC State Jenkins MBA.

Besides my work I love to garden, ride my Harley, sit on a beach, and take my yearly skydive! I live in Raleigh with my incredible partner, Andrea, and our 7 kids! We are a regular Brady Bunch!