Toxic Corporate Culture is Driving the Great Resignation

Toxic workplaces are a problem!

How frustrating is this!?! Companies spend tons of money and resources to recruit, train, and retain their employees but often neglect the culture that surrounds their employees. Eventually, when the system is so stressful it becomes labeled a “toxic” workplace – and for good reason. When it reaches this boiling point, employees just can’t take anymore. They quit:

Because of their boss…

Because their contributions aren’t recognized…

Because the working environment is so stressful is actually causing them emotional harm…

And according to The Sloan Review, Toxic Workplaces are driving the Great Resignation.

“A toxic corporate culture is by far the strongest predictor of industry-adjusted attrition and is 10 times more important than compensation in predicting turnover. Our analysis found that the leading elements contributing to toxic cultures include failure to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; workers feeling disrespected; and unethical behavior.”

Ultimately, this boils down to a lack of creating a culture of belonging. When employees feel appreciated, empowered, and cared for – they stay and their companies thrive. Our employees are our greatest asset and we not only need to invest in their personal development, but in the systems and structures around them that support and facilitate their growth and productivity.

The good news is this – we know how to fix this! We know how to create healthy workplaces that employees actually love working in.

By zooming back and looking at the whole system in a wholistic way we can begin to see that each part of the whole is important and then adjust each part to create a system that is focused on flourishing.

How do we do this? By focusing on Belonging! By shifting our mindset from one that sees “employees as serving the companies” to one that sees the “leadership of the company serving the employees” everything changes.

Servant Leadership is the future of corporate leadership and the companies that focus on creating belonging from the top down will be the companies that thrive in the future.

After spending 20 years in leadership learning and implementing the principles of Servant Leadership I’ve created a model that can transform any workplace from Toxic to Belonging. My Village Mindset Model is designed to create workplaces that empower, support, connect employees that directly result in increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing employee stress. This leads to less attrition and higher productively which is ultimately – good for business.

The future of business will be focused on belonging and I’d love to help your business turn a future hope into a present reality!

Jason Butler

The Village Model Mindset