Servant Leadership is the future of business leadership! I work with leaders & organizations who are passionate about being the best leaders they can be in order to cultivate belonging & build purpose for their employees, customers, and community. These are the win/win leaders who will shape the future!

Emotionally Intelligent Servant Leadership


he Leadership models of the past were clear: Be Bold, Stand Apart, Drive Profit. But Covid has changed the way we think about leadership and business.

Today, leaders must lead with Compassion, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, and always be working to create a culture of Belonging. This is a paradigm shift for many leaders & organizations and can seem overwhelming. Servant leadership is the answer! Are you ready for this shift?

I’ve created a model that connects with our past to empower our future. Employee & customer engagement used to look more like a highway that led to a specific destination. But life is not about the destination – it’s about the journey. Infusing our workplace culture with compassion & empathy I help organizations create cultures of Belonging & Executive Leaders capture their Servant Leadership capacity – with this simple method that ignites employee satisfaction, community engagement, and brand expansion.

Under each Key Principle I give you immediately applicable tools and methods to build a Village of Belonging.

Together, we can shift the mindset and behaviors that will empower your success!

My Services

available both in-person and virtually

20 years of leadership experience distilled down into instantly applicable tools. These sessions will empower you to use the key leadership principles of The Village Mindset to adapt and transform your personal and business culture and unleash your leadership super powers! I bring 20 years of public speaking experience that will engage, inspire, inform, and move your audience to action.

Consulting sessions with your leadership team that applies emerging research that links the creation of systems of psychological safety to profit, highlight the changing “why” of business leadership, and equip your team with the platinum communication language & servant leadership tools so they can be champions of belonging in your organization.

This is the fun part! In these half day trainings I lead teams (or whole companies) through a journey of discovery that begins with exercises to destress and focus, tests their “Engagement Language” personal inventory; lays out tools to maximize the “EL” test to increase employee connection; and empowers your team to incorporate the Village Mindset in their departments and day-to-day decisions.

The Village Mindset Book

How can I help your business thrive?

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